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With the mission to support all Fashion Brands in Japan, services at the time included import business consultation for foreign brands to open in Japan. Another was human resources outsourcing and placement in an era of increased service quality expectations from customers.
1999 IDAcess Co., Inc. Ltd established in Osaka
2012 World Mode Holdings Co., Inc. founded
World Mode Holdings is a conglomerate of 6 group companies in Japan all dedicated to provide business solutions to Fashion and Beauty Brands, whether it is advertisement, digital marketing, training, human resources, VMD or consultation and also created companies overseas.
World Mode Holdings provides services throughout Japan since many of our clients have retail network nation-wide. Today, there are 23 offices throughout Japan so that services can be provided seamlessly, especially when it comes to human resources outsourcing and placement.
2016 Establishment of Tokyo and Osaka head offices
2017 Establishment of World Mode Holdings Asia Pacific Pte., Ltd. and iDA'SG in Singapore First overseas location outside of Japan
iDA'SG was established to provide quality retail solutions to elevate the fashion retail industry and its people of Singapore. Solutions include employee placement and training in professional job skills while utilizing various cutting edge technology and applications. After launching in Singapore, we continue to expand to fulfill HR needs in the rest of ASEAN countries.
2018 Established in Sydney, Australia
Australia boasts unique local and global fashion and beauty companies with emphasis on sustainability and balanced lifestyle. iDA Australia provides retail focused job seekers in Australia: career advice, coaching and various trainings for a successful career in fashion retail. Synergy is created when Japanese job seekers can maintain continuous opportunities when returning to Japan. The way we connect people to fashion and beauty brands go beyond Australia since experienced career talent can find global mobility when working with us.
iDA Taiwan attracts Chinese speaking human resources that find retail career opportunities in Japan. Services include training, career development and transfer support and rapidly expanding in local learning opportunities that go beyond retail careers.
2019 Established in Taipei, Taiwan
2020 People Link of Vietnam joins WMH
Vietnam is a promising country among ASEAN for consumer growth and demand, with more than +7% in GDP per year. Seeing the potential in fashion and beauty industry's exponential growth and the need for qualified personnel, we leverage on the comprehensive training programs of PPL and its efficient matching and sourcing system for large scale businesses mainly in FMCG today.
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Based on proven track record in Japan and expertise in the Fashion and Beauty industry, MyBRANDS.SG is certain to enhance skill matching capabilities and effectiveness here in Singapore.
Based on proven track record in Japan and expertise in the Fashion and Beauty industry, MyBRANDS.SG is certain to enhance skill matching capabilities and effectiveness here in Singapore.
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